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For Kids of Haiti

Psalm 41:2-3
The Lord protects and preserves them—they are counted among the blessed in the land—the does not give them over to the desire of their foes.
The Lord sustains them on their sickbed and restores them from their bed of illness.

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We are thankful for kindness of our Many voluntaries.

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Our mission is to give life.



We do our best to meet needs both physical and spiritual, as well as at the individual, family and community level.



We provide food, housing, emergency relief and much more to the poorest of the poor.

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Let’s build the better world together without
starving children, pain and death.

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List of our volunteers

Jules Vil

Founder of LGOC 561-255-1954

Betsy Dieujuste

Project Manager 561-789-8258

Br. Wilner Alixer

Representative 561-800-9193

Marie N Vil Simeus

Representative 561-752-6595

Vanel Rosier

Representative 561-294-6531

Fanise Felix Phirmerlus

Representative 561-908-1614

Sr. Ortancile Alcius

Representative 561-672-5125

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers

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