We are thankful for kindness of our Many voluntaries.


If anyone would like to visit the orphanage in Haiti do not hesitate to call.

Gina Vil at 561-572-6815
Jules Vil at 561-255-1954

It would be a pleasure to bring you down.


List of our volunteers

Jules Vil

Founder of LGOC 561-255-1954

Betsy Dieujuste

Project Manager 561-789-8258

Br. Wilner Alixer

Representative 561-800-9193

Marie N Vil Simeus

Representative 561-752-6595

Vanel Rosier

Representative 561-294-6531

Fanise Felix Phirmerlus

Representative 561-908-1614

Sr. Ortancile Alcius

Representative 561-672-5125

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers

To Make A Donation

Bank of America# 063000047